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Junior High House Relay Competitions

St. Patrick Junior High completed service projects at St. Joseph Nursing Home.

Welcome to St. Patrick School

"Change:   Think, Change, and Grow"


"Believe the incredible and you can do the impossible."

                                                                                  -Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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We are a vibrant Roman Catholic School located in Washington, Illinois. Our Catholic Identity is strong with weekly Mass and Adoration. We have a strong community that support the school and church. Our students continue to score higher on testing than the state and national averages. Our students are active in our community performing countless service hours. Please explore the website to see all we have to offer. Please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions or schedule a tour of our school.

                                                               God Bless,

                                                               Doreen Shipman


OCS Reopening of Schools Press Release

OCS Diocesan Plan for Opening Schools 2020-2021

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St. Patrick School Washington, IL 2014-2015

St Patrick Rosary for America Oct 31 2019



Virtue of the Week- MODERATION

Our virtue this week is that of MODERATION - The strength to remain within reasonable limits and avoid improper excess or extremes. What are some areas of life where we need to  practice MODERATION? (Eating, drinking, driving, use of social media, internet, TV, etc.) If we do not live this virtue, our lives can spin out of control very quickly and painfully.


Lord Jesus, when You were tempted in the desert by the devil You gave us a great example of MODERATION. You had the strength to remain within reasonable limits and avoid improper extremes. We need Your help to do the same. Grant us the desire to embrace the virtue of MODERATION and when we experience temptation or weakness may we always reach out to You for help.

Virtue Strength