Our son was clearly becoming a number with the growing classrooms at the public school he attended and we knew we had to make a move sooner or later. We decided to transfer him to St. Patrick School his fifth grade year. Our son is in 7th grade this year and it is his third year with St. Patrick School. Our family thought it would be a better move with smaller classrooms and a more 1 on 1 focus between the teacher and student. Little did we know it would become much more than that to not only us, but definitely our son. The BEST part of his education at St. Patrick School is the fact that he is being taught, and learning, the Catholic faith.                         

 –Brian and Carrie Helmick

I could not be happier with the education that my children are receiving at St. Patrick School.  Like any parent, I have high expectations for curriculum and instruction and my expectations have been exceeded.  I love the small class sizes and the family environment. As an elementary teacher I appreciate the time and effort the staff devotes to their students.  I also enjoy seeing my children participate in the same traditions that I did when I attended school there.

--Megan Swearingen

We have children that attended public grade school and now a child at St. Patrick School. As we continued to grow in our faith, a Catholic based education became more important, as we felt St. Patrick’s was the best choice for our daughter. The small class sizes and personal relationships the faculty form with the students provide a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to meet their full academic and social potential. The relationships with faculty and students last long after their time at St. Patrick School and we wanted that for our daughter. In her two and half years of Catholic education, she has blossomed into a confident, happy, young girl and we attribute that to the family that is known as St. Patrick School.                        

 -Jerry & Melissa Warfield

Last January, my family moved to Washington due to my husband’s job relocation. We considered attending St. Patrick School, but then went with the public school primarily because that’s what we were familiar with. There were no Catholic schools near where we had lived previously. In February, I applied for and was offered a teacher aide position that had opened up here at St. Pat’s. Shortly after I started here, I realized how much I wanted my children to be a part of this school as well. I loved the idea of them attending weekly Mass in addition to going as a family on the weekend. I saw how the students learned so much about our loving God. I also saw how outstanding the staff was and how welcoming the staff, students and their families are. We decided over the summer, since I was staying on at St. Patrick School, that we would transfer our children here. We do not regret this decision at all. My children have learned so much, both religiously and academically. They have made wonderful friends, are enjoying school and are doing well. Please consider St. Patrick school for your children. You will be making a wise choice.

–Don and Shannon Hughes