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Pre K 3 Scavenger Hunt

Pre K 3 Firetruck Visit

Pre K 3 Prayer Partners

Pre K 4 Class

Pre K 4 Prayer Partners

Parachute Fun with Pre K 4

Storytime with Principal Smith

Pre K 4 went on a Fall Scavenger Hunt

Dance Break! 

Center Time with Pre K 4

Our Preschool Teachers Have Fun Too!

Preschool Scooter fun at PE

Pre K 4 did a Science experiment to determine whether M&M's, Skittles or Smarties would make a rainbow faster

St. Patrick Preschool is set up to give your child the opportunity for growth and success so he/she will have a positive sense of self and the skills needed to progress to the next level of schooling.


  • To learn responsibility and respect for themselves and others

  • To develop language, pre-reading, writing, and math skills

  • To develop gross and fine motor skills

  • To foster the spiritual growth and teach children, with the cooperation of parents, a Catholic way of life.


Take a peek into our Preschool

St. Patrick School and Preschool

Preschool Curriculum

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Centers are a fun and effective way to reinforce basic skills. Center areas include building and construction, role playing, games and puzzles, reading and phonics, exploration, coloring and writing.
This time teaches responsibility and respect for themselves, others and the classroom.
Pre K 3 Circle
Instruction during this time will inclue: Prayers (Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be), Pledge, Calendar, Weather, Colors/Shapes/Alphabet, Sign Language, Spanish, Songs and thematic movement activities.

Img 1628

This curriculum includes name/letter identification, writing, sounds, rhyming, letter of the week, and much, much more.


Students will learn: prayers, Bible stories, the life, miracles and teachings of Jesus, have prayer partners, attend Mass on First Fridays, Holy Days, and other "special" Masses (Pre K 4 only attend Mass).

Math 1

Children will learn to verbally count and visually identify numbers 0-20, as well as match, pattern, identify and draw basic shapes. They will also be working on reciting personal contact information including phone numbers, addresses and birthdays. Pre K 4 will have an introduction to Eureka Math curriculum.

Img 1838

Students will learn and explore basic concepts that relate to themselves and the world in which they live.

Img 1269

Art will be used as a tool of extension/reinforcement to learning.

Img 1320

Physical development and socialization will be our focus on the playground and other large motor activities. We will stress sharing, taking turns, and activities such as running, jumping, galloping, hopping and skipping.


Each day will inclue a story. Most stories will be used as an extension/reinforcement to concept(s), theme and/or skill being taught/learned.

Preschool Hours & Schedule

Pre K 3 Options

4/5-day 1/2 Day
4/5-day Full Day

Pre K 3 Sample Schedule

8:15 am     Circle Time
8:30 am     Center Time
9:00 am     Bathroom/Snack
9:15 am     Small Group
9:30 am     Story Time
9:45 am     Large Group
10:15 am   Large Motor Skills/Recess
11:00 am   Dismissal

Pre K 4 Options

4-5-day 1/2 Day
5-day Full Day

Pre K 4 Sample Schedule

8:15am      Table Games/Books
8:35am      Circle Time
9:15am      Story Time
9:30am      Large Group
10:00am    Centers
10:30am    Restroom/Snack Time
10:45am    Large Motor Skills/Recess
11:00am    Dismissal

Pre K 4 Friday Mass Sample Schedule

8:15am      Mass (with 8th grade prayer partner)
9:15am      Restroom/Snack Time
9:30am      Circle Time/Story Time
10:00am    Center Time
10:30am    Story Time
10:40am    Gross Motor/Recess
11:00am    Dismissal


Pre K 3 must be 3 by September 1st and potty trained.

Pre K 4 must be 4 by September 1st and potty trained.